Alasdair Turner

“Dear All – I have just heard that Alasdair Turner passed away last night after a long struggle with stomach cancer. The end was peaceful in the company of his wife Ozlem. He leaves Ozlem and daughter Zara and our thoughts are with them both.”

Alan Penn
Dean of the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London

“We all knew this was about to happen, but it is very much a shock to all of us, and it will take some time to recover. Alasdair was so central to the intellectual future of the space group, it’s hard to  see how he can be replaced. He was one of the few people in his generation who covered the whole field, from the philosophy through the maths to computation. In the last few years, I worked particularly closely – though informally – with him, and he was always my sounding board for new ideas. He really is a great intellectual as well as personal loss to us all.”

Bill Hillier
Professor of Architectural and Urban Morphology, University College London

4 Comments on “Alasdair Turner”

  1. I am so shocked and regretful to hear my dear tutor, Alasdair Turner, had left us on 6 Oct 2011….
    He was a great gentleman, scientist to the world, and a so good teacher and friend to me, helpful and meaningful….
    So much miss him and everything together with him…
    Rest in peace Alasdair and God bless his wife and little daughter…

  2. It has been a big shock to all of us.
    Following his intellectual production one has learned to appreciate and cherish him.
    And part of our work might have never be produced without his smart approaches.
    We keep him in our memory.
    Our condolences to his family,
    Ant Millan

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