Tim Stonor appointed Visiting Professor at the Bartlett, University College London

Press release from Space Syntax Limited

Space Syntax director, Tim Stonor, has been appointed a Visiting Professor at the Bartlett, University College London.

The award was made by UCL Provost, Prof Malcolm Grant. It is a title conferred upon distinguished individuals from the professions.

Space Syntax was created by UCL in 1989 to provide consultancy services for the planning, design and management of buildings and urban areas. The company employs over 20 people at its London studio with several other bases worldwide.

Although fully independent from UCL, Space Syntax maintains close ties with the university. The company and the university work together to develop and apply science-based techniques that measure the impact of planning and design decisions on functional outcomes including movement and interaction patterns, land use performance, land value and crime patterns.

Tim Stonor says:
“I am delighted to become a Visiting Professor at the Bartlett. This is the place I trained as an architect and where space syntax research was pioneered. It was at the Bartlett that I came to realise that bringing the worlds of creative practice and scientific research together is not only right and proper but necessary if we are to avoid the failures of design – the housing estates and new towns of recent decades – that have blighted the professions of architecture and planning.

As Visiting Professor I will be working to increase the interactions between professional practice and academia. Joint working between industry and university is a highly productive process. ‘Co-creation’ is the essence of what we do at Space Syntax and we know from experience that it works. My goal as Visiting Professor will be to facilitate such engagement to the benefit of all involved. I am particularly excited to be able to increase my interactions with the enormous talent of staff and students at the Bartlett”.

Brief profile for Tim Stonor
· Architect and Town Planner
· Born in Newcastle, England in 1968
· Lives in Faversham, Kent
· Educated at the Bartlett, University College London and at Oxford Brookes University. Graduated from both with distinction.
· Served as a member of CABE’s National Design Review Panel 2005-2010.
· Served as a member of CABE’s Crossrail Design Panel 2009-10.
· Awarded the Loeb Fellowship at Harvard in 2010, one of only three UK recipients in the 40-year history of a fellowship given to accomplished practitioners.
· Serves on Design Council CABE National Design Review Panel 2011-.
· Director, Academy of Urbanism
· Serves as an Advocate for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the EPSRC

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