Weekly update

18th-24th July 2011
Training discussion with Anna Rose & Max Martinez.
Weekly Staff Meeting.
Skype meeting with Ipek Kaynar Rohloff re Space Syntax in Boston.
Project review for potential new project in Sao Paulo.

Space Syntax Business Plan meeting with senior staff.
Lunch with Chee Pearlman & Ben Hamilton-Baillie
Opening of Kenneth Grange “Making Britain Modern” exhibition at the Design Museum.

Meeting with Paul Murrain.
Project review for new Space Syntax Australia project in Queensland.
Academy of Urbanism Mid-Year Review.
Reception hosted by Alan Baxter.

Weekly Management Meeting.
Preparation of material for UNICEF report.
Meeting with Cisco at University College London.
Meeting with Michael Davis re the London Promenade.
Skype meeting with potential Space Syntax intern.

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