Weekly update

14-20th February 2011
Loeb Fellowship Seminar: “From Landscapes of Extraction to Creative Industries of Organic Matter and Waste”.

Meetings to discuss development of Space Syntax consulting services in Brazil.

Lunch with Prof Jerold Kayden, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Dinner with students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Mumbai Studio.

Meeting with Armando Carbonell, Lincoln Institute & open source software developers at Tufts University.

Attendance at presentation by Ana Gelabert-Sanchez, Loeb Fellow: “Miami 21: Zoning as Foundation for the 21st Century City” at the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy.

Preparation of note: “Achieving prosperous local communities” for delivery to UK government Cabinet Office.

Lunch with students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Meeting to discuss Space Syntax consulting business in Brazil.

Meeting with Harvard Graduate School of Design students and Paul Cote, GIS Specialist and Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design, to discuss Space Syntax research at the GSD.

Dinner with Loeb Fellows and Jill Medvedow, Director of the Institute for Contemporary Arts, Boston.

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