Istanbul/Shoreditch crits


Richard Peiser
John Portman

TS site analysis
Site is at the intersection of a major radial and a major orbital route.
V strong road connections.
Potentially local drive/walk connections.
Key will be to exploit both. But local connections cost.

Nature of road to the north. Being treated as a negative.

Nature of route network. Precedents from elsewhere in Istanbul and beyond – all part of continuous spatial networks with overlapping and intersecting patterns of multi-scale movement. This site does not allow this unless connections are made.

3rd St Mall, Santa Monica

DNA of the site

Contours look steep.
How does route network map onto contours?

Plan B is cranked.

Need to see sections/true 3D.


Desire to integrate site with surrounding neighbourhoods.
Connections diagram would be more convincing if we could see what the new connections are connecting to.
Separating different modes of movement – why?


Land use plan – need fine-grained analysis

Land value – key is reln between City to south and Shoreditch to north. Broadgate was not in City and land value was low but development transformed this. Produce a large-scale plan to show this.

Conservation areas?

St Paul’s/other protected views?

Be careful about retail on interior of blocks – look at Broadgate latest phase. Where does ew route go? A retail anchor is not enough.

Likewise, inner block route running parallel to Shoreditch High Street.

Why 5*hotel an anchor?

Major bus routes and vehicular routes are also major pedestrian routes.

Order of phasing – why that order?

Christine, Andrea & Eric
Sophisticated analysis and design proposals.
Major open space – is it too big?

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