Be careful what you ask for

Do you have an irrational fear that you are being watched by a duck? Or perhaps a goose or even a swan? If so, then don’t read on. You are suffering from anatidaephobia. It’s a real medical condition with its own webspace – but you won’t want to go there…

Why not? Well, click on: 

and, although you will learn more about a fear that “is completely disruptive to daily functioning”, you will also have to negotiate the minefield of Google Ads. Locking on to tags such as duck, geese and swan on the anatidaephobia page, Google Ads pushes graphic ad content (see below) featuring the very birds you would dearly like to get away from. Facing a hideous, smiling duck is surely the last thing you want to be greeted with on the web. It’s bad enough to think you’re being followed around in real space – imagine having them find you online too.

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