“I mentioned to Tim that you had a developing interest in smart cities and he is as involved and informed as it gets when it comes to this subject!”
Government official

Do you believe that the concepts/techniques taught during this teaching week will be valuable to you in the future?

“Yes, especially Tim Stonor’s presentation.”

Which session did you find most effective and why?

“Tim Stonor – due to content and ideologies.”

“Tim Stonor, very interesting, exciting and inspiring work.”

“Tim Stonor.”

“Space Syntax.”

“Syntax – understanding layouts to identify focus areas.”

“Stonor – it was what I am interested in.”

“There were a number of very good presentations in this session – including a textbook example of how to use PowerPoint effectively when presenting a complex topic by Tim Stonor. A series of graphics and visuals woven together along the lines of: “We have a problem – it looks like this. Analysis of it is shown at “A”, and our options were “B” and “C”. We chose “B” because of X, Y and Z. Now have a look at what this looks like? Better? Good!” You don’t need reams and reams of text. (That said, his blogpost Life by a thousand connections is worth a read!)”

“Your lecture was excellent and rather fascinating, as if one was discovering the double helix of space.”

“Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your lecture – it was also clear that you had a very attentive audience – such a palpable sense of study and lots of what seemed to me to be very engaged questions.”


“Excellent presentation. Perfectly pitched.”

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation/workshop this morning. It was very inspiring.”

“You have such a clear way of communicating complex matters – the world needs more scholars like you!”

“I wanted to thank you again for your extremely insightful presentation. You opened my eyes to the possibilities of how space can impact human behavior and vice versa. I look forward to collaborating in the future.”

“Thanks again for the injection of creativity, energy and thought last week. It really helped to revive me!”

“Thank you so much for the incredible presentation of your work & thoughts. I really enjoyed the many connections between the worlds of architecture, urban design/planning, and analytics.”

“Thanks again for your presentation yesterday. It has reinvigorated my curiosity around urban networks, systemic thinking, open source, and trans-disciplinary collaboration in the design of spaces.”

I am a year one architecture student and I was present during your lecture today. I am taking the time to email to say thank you and stress what a hugely beneficial and interesting talk you gave. It was extremely refreshing to listen to someone with a great passion and knowledge on the subject and and I learnt a significant amount during the talk.

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