Space Syntax Limited

Space Syntax Limited is a strategic consulting company, providing a unique, evidence-based and industry-leading approach to the planning and design of buildings and urban areas.

Our mission is to help create environments that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Combining technology, ability and extensive global experience, we target the social, economic and environmental value that good planning and design bring.

We show how value can be created through the analysis, understanding and skilful manipulation of space.

Through over twenty years of research-informed consulting, we have worked in collaboration with researchers at University College London to develop “Space Syntax“: a powerful technology that demonstrates the key role of spatial layout in shaping patterns of human behaviour. These patterns include movement on foot, on cycles and in vehicles; wayfinding and purchasing in retail environments; vulnerability and criminal activity in buildings and urban settings; co-presence and communications in the workplace.

Our technology is underpinned by spatial design principles that have influenced planning and design policy throughout the world.

The Space Syntax approach empowers people to make informed decisions about the key issues concerning them. We add value through a unique service offer:

We create places by producing visionary planning and design ideas, leading and supporting multi-disciplinary teams.

We shape knowledge by developing technology, undertaking research and publishing findings.

We inform practice by training and licensing people to use our technology as well as by contributing to the production of new planning and design policy.

We are expert, independent and widely respected for the support we provide to public, private and community-based decision takers.

Space Syntax Limited website

Space Syntax Limited can also be found on Facebook.

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